Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My crazy Josiah

This was from last Sep! We went camping at Flaming Gorge with some friends. Josiah said this is where I came for the scout camp here and went clif jumping!!! So we were searching for the spot where he went alomst 15 years ago. We stopped at the dam info center and asked where it will be and the lady knew that place. It is abour 10 min away from the dam and a little hike to the spot.

If you are looking for a place to clif jump, this is a place to do it!

This is the sencond clif

He is crazy.... first one was about 70 feet and the second one.... a lot higher than the first one. I need to ask Josiah. I was more nurvous with the kids trying to get to the edge of the clif to see Dad jumping.

I can totally see Lily trying this kind of stuff someday!

Here are some pictures from the camping trip


The Porter Family said...

"dam info center" made me laugh. I've been cliff jumping one time in my life, and it really was because everyone else was doing it (at girl's camp). It was fun, but I'd never do it again. :) Your kids are so adorable in those pictures!

Halverson Talk said...

Thanks Loretta!! I thought about following Josiah.... then I saw how high it is....Maybe the first clif was doable, but the second one is no way!!! He is just crazy for doing it! hahaha