Friday, August 29, 2008

Pray and Amen

Josiah and I have been teaching Kai to pray for last a few months. We would fold arms, pause....and say "Amen". When we say Amen, we would unfold arms like "Banzai!" We thought that way he would get it easier when we say "Amen", it is the end of the prayer. We have tried and tried... he was just not interested at all!

We have this primary songs on DVD, and it has pictures come up with songs. Yesterday he really wanted to watch the DVD and asked me to play! So I put it on! He loves any music that we weren't surprised that is his favorite DVD to watch! Then all the sudden, he saw this little boy on the TV praying and HE FOLDED HIS ARMS!!!!!!!!

Josiah and I were there to watch him and thought "Is he doing "pray... and Amen" ???" He would do again and again.... Yep, he is doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were so happy to see him do that all by himself! One of the bishopric in our old ward says "when you raise your children, you will have times that you feel like what you are doing is just hopeless...or not making any progress. But, just be consistence and one day you will see what you have done means something to them and to you.... It can take time, so be patient and continue what you are doing."
That is so true!

I put him to bed last night and asked him to pray... and he folded his arms as I pray with him. It was such a precious moment! It almost made me cry. Josiah and I decided that we needed to be better at praying with Kai every night. It was a good reminder! It was such a sweet moment that I had to write it down ;0)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks to Logan!!

I am working on the camping trip story... it is taking a bit longer than I expected, so I decided to write something else ;0) hahaha

Logan (Chad and Kenzie's son)was playing with Kai a lot during the camping trip. We've noticed that he just knew so many words for being a little less than 2 years old!!! He would repeat whatever we said! Kai has not been a big repeater yet.... We were wondering when he would start picking up things more. We weren't too worried about him, because mom and dad speaks different languages, I bet Kai is pretty confused now... But, we were just amazed how much Logan knows!

It was towards the end of the trip, I would ask Kai to say "Yuki" and he tried to say it! We were so surprised that he would even try it! It got even better after the trip! At home, he would say "Josey", "Banana", "OK", and even some Japanese words that I have been trying to teach him for months! It surprised me that Kai was trying to sing this song that Kenzie was singing to Logan during the trip (well... Logan was saying the words to the song all the time, so I bet Kai picked that up from him!)

It is so amazing how much kids pick up stuff from each other! I thought Kai was mostly attacking Logan for playing the toys he wanted... but he was also learning a lot from him! It is so fun to listen to him trying say things now! It was just a few days that Kai got to play with Logan, but the influence he got was pretty big!
So far, he says a lot of English words. I'd better teach him more Japanese... I thought I speak Japanese a lot with him, but I just have to be more consistent!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a girl!

Some of you may know that we are expecting a baby in Dec. We knew that it will be a girl from the day one ;0) Before we found out that I was pregnant, Josiah once told me that he had this feeling that there is a daughter waiting to come. He doesn't usually say stuff like that! So, I thought that this baby must be a girl! We are very excited when we saw her cute little face on the targeted ultrasound day at the clinic. It always amazes me that we can see baby's face before coming out! It is still hard to see, but she sure has big lips like her big brother!

Kai loves to look at my tummy and give kisses. He points at it and says "baby". He does the same thing to Josiah's tummy also... so he may not be understanding all the way... but it sure is cute when he is kissing ;0) Kai has been loving pushing the stroller lately. I should find a T-shirt saying "big brother in training" or something! He is so cute when he pushes so fast and run like crazy! I am sure he will be a big help for mama next Spring.