Wednesday, February 23, 2011

catching up

I am so not good at doing this. I won't say I will do better this year... but I should be doing a lot better than last year!!
Well, here are some fun pics from Jan and Feb. Do you all agree that Feb went so fast?? I can't believe its almost over!! Shoot I have only a few days to do my visiting teaching... I am so sorry ladies!!!

Happy New Year!!! We stayed at Mike and Rachel's over night! We had Sushi for New Year's Eve Party, and on the new year's day we all went to a park for some sledding!

Lily cried the whole time we were there. Lack of sleep for sure!

My little dancer

Nice and Warm Day At Farm
We have early church this year. We got home and the weather was so perfect for a walk at our favorite farm!

Happy Valentine's Day
so I told Josey that I can't ever curl my hair... It takes too long to do it and I am just not good at it to make it look good. Josey has been telling me to cut my hair short and do something different, but I really want to keep growing it. I had to do something that I can tell him I won't look the same everyday with mid awkward length hair. I watched Youtube like crazy and tried it. It was pretty fun to have my hair different!