Monday, January 9, 2012

My addiction...

It was last year when my good friend Aya gave Lily the crochet flower pin for Christmas gift. She told me how easy it is to make it! I have tried to learn to crochet before, but I never really got it. She invited me over to her house and showed me how to make it, but my kids were there... so didn't work.

But those flowers were soooo cute!!! I really wanted to learn it!! So, since then I used You Tube like crazy!!! to learn how to crochet!!!!! I still have a lot of learning to do, but I am getting pretty good at it!
I've made a lot of things ever since and it is sooooooooo fun!!!

My mom is super good at crochet! Why didn't I learn from her as I was growing up!??
Here is THE site that helped me TONZ to start learning crochet.

Crochet Geek by Teresa!/p/index-of-patterns.html

She has lots of tutorial on Youtube and she does slow motion! So student like me that needs to repeat the motion many many times, this site is amazing and I have no guilt to go over again and again! because I am not bothering my teacher ;0)
She also have free patterns. So its good to practice on those before spending money on patterns that is beyond my skills!

So, has been my addiction. There are many patterns there (easy to super intermediate) and I bought many patterns ;0) I am working on Josiah's hat now and leggings for my friends new babies!!! How fun!


Matt and Alissa said...

That is awesome! I learned how to crochet, but never really did much with it. Way to go!

Lara said...

How fun! I am trying to get into crocheting too. I want to see pictures of all the cute stuff you have made.