Monday, July 16, 2012

Lots of fun before the Japan trip!!

Now I look back, I might have done a little bit too much for being a prego... but I was totally fine after all these fun activities we did!!! I have a lot more pictures ( you know I am Japanese...) but here are some cute ones ;0)

Camping with Jex family

Allergy almost killed me...but it was a fun camping trip! Lava Hot Sping ID

don't tell anyone we did this!!!

Alllll squished!!!

At Japanese Festival! Kids walked at the Kimono Fashion Show! Proud mommy and daddy moment!

Kai's preschool program! He danced and sang so well!!!!

Memorial day weekend camping before Japan trip! It was rainy one for a few days... but the sun shined on us on the last day!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby # 3 adventure....

So, now that I am on the bed rest I should have more time updating ;0) I know that many friends and family who check my blog know that we are expecting baby #3! We've been sensing since end of last year that there is one who really wants to come, but Josiah was finishing up his grad school so we waited till he was done and got a job to plan #3. I don't think she wanted to wait any longer.... we found out we were expecting in Feb ;0) Kids were soooooooooo excited to have a baby!! Lily is super excited to be a big sister and having a little sister to play with. Kai is a bit disappointed that he is not getting a brother, but he still haven't given up his hope for possible #4. (good luck, son) She is expected to arrive on Oct 14th, but knowing all my kids have come early, she will be coming in Sep.

and that was a story till end of first week of June. I've had Braxton hicks like crazy, but I was told that is pretty normal for #3. I had a pretty normal pregnancy up until the trip to Japan.